Art cataloguing is our primary service. We are the only company in Canada that offers full-range cataloguing services, and the only firm that produces museum-quality documentation and archives for private, corporate and institutional collectors. We organize, document and prime collections for estate planning, insurance, art programming, and inventory management purposes — from the largest painting on our clients' walls to the tiniest piece of paper noting their very first purchase. Our national team of art experts specialize in historical and contemporary Canadian and international art, as well as historical and cultural objects and artifacts.


onsite documentation

We perform detailed documentation, following Getty Object ID standard. This includes measurements, condition details, and photographs, such as framed, unframed, signature, verso, labels, and detail shots. All images are professionally edited and digitally archived, and all works are assigned inventory tracking numbers.


digital database

We deliver a populated database with a profile on each artwork, including photos, condition details, fair market values, and more — as well as digitized backups of original provenance documentation.


artist bios

We research and compile up-to-date artist biographies to augment your catalogue and contextualize your art collection.



We perform research to verify artwork details, and obtain current market values, where available, for works with a minimum value of $2,000 that were purchased or evaluated more than five years ago. We also track down missing provenance documentation including invoices, previous appraisals, and exhibition history.


art reports

Using the populated database, we can produce a range of customizable digital and hardcopy reports for portfolio, insurance, estate planning, and inventory management purposes.  


print archive

We produce a comprehensive hardcopy archive of all reports and related artwork documentation, including press materials and original provenance documents. 

We help clients with the day-to-day management of their collections. This includes managing art inventory in a digital database, advising on collection care and maintenance, and facilitating work such as loans, art rotations, conservation, and installations.

Courtesy of Gluskin Sheff + Associates. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid

Courtesy of Gluskin Sheff + Associates. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid

collection care

Collection care is an integral part of managing an art collection. It encompasses everything from good inventory controls to making sure that proper display measures are taken. We maintain and improve the value of our clients' art assets by developing and implementing preventive care and maintenance plans for collections of all types and sizes. This includes facilitating conservation and cleaning, and ensuring optimal display.


art management

We work with our clients to manage all aspects of their collections including managing art inventory in a digital database, tracking real-time updates to the collection (acquisitions, deaccessions, loans, artwork relocations, transport, conservation, framing, storage), coordinating and supervising art installations, managing loan and publication requests, and performing cataloguing updates for newly acquired works. 

Art collections evolve over time. Whether you are looking to rehang your collection, acquire or commission new work, develop a visual program, or deaccession works from your existing collection, we can help you realize the potential of your art assets. K+D works with private and corporate collectors across the country to develop and display relevant, robust and meaningful art collections.


acquisitions + CURATORIAL

We work with clients to acquire or commission artwork based on their artistic preferences and budgets, while taking into account the conditions of their physical spaces. We also help our corporate clients develop and implement national art strategies, collection management policies, and visual programs to enhance their designed environments. This includes advising on art placements, lighting, framing, installations, and more. 

Courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery.

Courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery.

education + events

We work with our private and corporate clients to organize art events, tours, talks, and educational seminars. We make your art accessible by telling the story of your collection — how it was built, what it includes, and why it matters.



We advise on and facilitate the sale or donation of individual work, or entire collections. We do this confidentially and with the utmost professionalism. In the case of donation, we facilitate the process to ensure maximum benefit to the donor. Our national network of auction houses, dealers, private buyers, and institutions allows us to provide optimal deaccession options, while maintaining the provenance and value of the work.


loans + exhibitions

When clients have individual pieces of significance, we can share these works with a wider audience and help improve their provenance by arranging for artwork to be loaned to galleries, museums and exhibitions, or photographed for publication. 

We are absolutely thrilled with the professional work that was provided. Not only was it a pleasure to work with them, but the process was also easy and affordable. The end product has given us a great sense of relief in knowing that our collection is properly catalogued and archived.
— Frank and Maria Techar, Contemporary Art Collectors, Toronto